Superior Kleen is proud to offer high-quality, professional pressure washing services to all residents and business owners in Clarksburg, as well as in the surrounding areas.  We take pride in the beautiful area of West Virginia, in which we all live, and we enjoy seeing the excellent results of our services that bring smiles and relief to satisfied property owners.

We are the Clarksburg Pressure Washing & Power Washing Experts

Clarksburg is home to approximately 95,000 people, and this West Virginia town is full of proud homeowners and business owners.  Let us help you care for the exterior surfaces of your home or business with our complete power washing, and soft washing, techniques.  From the top of your property, with a thorough roof cleaning, to the end of your driveway, with a high-powered power washing, we guarantee that we can provide you with results that will please you and help you take care of all of your building materials.

Most professionals recommend that you have the exterior surfaces of your home or business cleaned about every year or two, depending on your property’s vegetation, the weather, and your own personal preference.  A thorough cleaning can protect the integrity of your building materials, help to maintain (or increase) your property’s value, and can allow you to see any problems that may have arisen with the exterior surfaces.

Offering the Best Roof Cleaning Services in West Virginia

Some problems that we tend to see in our area, include; chipped paint, oxidation problems on siding or on gutters, and building material “wear and tear” that may lead to future water damage.  If our technicians see any problematic issues, as we are performing our pressure washing services, then we will alert you to the issues, so you can address them as soon as possible.

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When you find yourself researching for a “pressure washing near me”, then please remember our company name, Superior Kleen.  We always aim to provide our customers with a superior cleaning of all outside surfaces.  Our team members work diligently and methodically in order to ensure that every inch of the project is cleaned to perfection, and we welcome the chance to clean your exterior surfaces anytime you are ready.


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