Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is one of those projects that is often overlooked by homeowners, yet it is one of the least expensive things that you can do in order to maintain an attractive, healthy exterior of your home. Those pesky black streaks covering your roof are actually an airborne type of algae, and will slowly continue to grow year after year, unless properly cleaned and removed.

This type of algae will slowly take over the expanse of your roof, and the more algae that is present, the more difficult the cleaning project will become for pressure washing professionals. Furthermore, on certain roofing materials, such as shingled roofs, the algae can slowly eat away at the roofing materials. Of course, that is problematic because you could run into other issues, such as; roof leaks or shingles that will need to be replaced.

This type of algae will continue to feed on your roof if left untreated, and can cause significant damage to the structure of your roof. Needless to say, this problem could become catastrophic if left unattended. Not only is it an eyesore as you pull into your driveway each and every day, but the algae is actually causing your roof to slowly deteriorate in a sense.

This could result in your 25-year roof lifespan dropping down to a 15-year lifespan, or so. As we all know, replacing a roof can be quite expensive; therefore, it is important to treat the roof you have with care and expertise.

Superior Kleen uses a soft washing process in order to clean roofs properly. This soft wash process is safe, gentle, and produces instant results every time. Once we apply our cleaning solution, we will either allow it to set and be rinsed off with an upcoming rain storm, or we will rinse it off, depending on the job and the predictable weather forecast. We guarantee quick and thorough results for your roof. We promise superior results, as we aim to earn your trust.





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